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What Makes a Truly Great Media Room?

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  1. Sarah says:

    The most important aspect of a media room is either the picture quality, or the sound quality. I’d argue that it’s sound: even if a movie is everyone’s favourite, it can become a chore to watch it if the sound is too quiet. Even if it’s loud enough, the balance of sound is so important; to achieve sound quality like in a cinema requires multiple speakers in different places around the room to embrace sound panning. On of the biggest differences between mere films and the experience of watching films is that, with the experience, comes the atmosphere of the cinema; to be enveloped in sound is so important. A sound bar, as you say, is a great option; an installed surround sound system is the best option.

    1. I completely agree! Being immersed in sound from all angles really creates that movie experience. When you have a set up with multiple speaker angles, I find that speaker positioning and seating positioning becomes much more important also.

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